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Short Term Course on Research Opportunities on Semiconductor Materials and Devices (ROSMD-2021)

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Workshop on Research Opportunities in“Semiconductor Materials and Devices” ROSMD-2021 Jointly Organized by Dept. of ECE of Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing (IIITD&M), Kancheepuram. & SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST), Chennai

Course Content

The aim of this workshop is to provide a clear pathway for new comer as well as existing research community towards innovation in semiconductor materials and
devices. It also emphasis on available platform for researchers in India as well in globe, so that more of our
big ideas can be transformed into solutions. The workshop will provide an introductory overview of:
• New scope for researchers in Semiconductor material and devices including 2-D materials.
• Nanoscale Device modeling and Simulation with MATLAB, TCAD & Python.
• Device Fabrication and available platforms in India.
• Introduction to advanced technical writing and plotting tools like LATEX & Origin.
• Development in the existing technologies such as VLSI and ULSI Technology.
• Devices such as High frequency Devices, Compound Semiconductor, Optoelectronics, Photovoltaics, Flexible & Organic Electronics, Memristor,

Who Can Participate?

  • The program is targeted towards:
    • Ph.D. Scholars
    • Faculty Members from academic institutes
    • Industry professionals and consultants
    • Researchers and UG/PG students

Registration Fee Details

  • Faculty/Academicians Rs. 944
  • Industry Professionals Rs. 944
  • Ph.D. scholars/UG/PG Students Rs. 590

How to Apply

The participants are requested to register online by using the following link:

Registration to this course is a two-step process: Participants will have to first register to the online portal. It is a one-time process. One
time Non-refundable fee (as per the category) is to be charged for this service. You are required to apply online using the following steps in the
given link:

  1. Apply online for registration. Go to:
  2. Fill up the registration form.
  3. Please make payment prior to start the registration by following the steps provided under Registration Fee Details using SBICollect.
  4. Email the payment transaction details to the course coordinator

Important Date

  • Last date for registration: 19-Oct-2021
  • Intimation to participants: 20-Oct-2021
  • Last date of receiving payment: 19-Oct-2021
  • Course dates: 22-Oct-2021 to 26-Oct-2021

Communication 🇮🇳

Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing
(IIITDM), Kancheepuram, Vandalur-Kelambakkam Road, Chennai- 600127, Tamilnadu

For Additional Information

Short Term Course on “Research Opportunities on Semiconductor Materials and Devices (ROSMD-2021)” (22-26 October 2021)


  • Short Term Course Programmer Organized by in Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing (IIITD&M), Kancheepuram
  • Semiconductor Materials and Device
  • Short Term Course for Faculty Members / Industry professionals/consultants/ Researchers and UG/PG students
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