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NIT Warangal Certification Course on Machine Learning for Data Science using Python

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Course Description

Certification Course on Machine Learning for Data Science using Python Organize by National Institute of Technology Warangal In association with Center for Continuing Education (CCE)

Course Introduction

✓ Four weeks course.
✓ Five days per week.
✓ Two hours per day.
✓ Flexible timings: 5 PM to 7 PM.
✓ World class Instructors.
✓ Hands-on experience with Python.
✓ Real-world projects.
✓ Online certification course.
✓ Certificates will be posted to your postal address.

Topics to be Covered

➢ Introduction
What is Data Science, Real-life examples and Applications, Data Scientist roles, Machine Learning vs. Data Science vs. AI, Machine Learning types, Generics of ML approaches.
➢ Python Essentials
Installation, Python Editors & IDE’s, Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, Strings, Data manipulation tools, Importing/exporting data.
➢ Probability and Statistics for Data Science
Basic probability theory, Random variables, Probability distributions, Markov models, Bayesian learning, Applications.
➢ Regression Analysis
Univariate linear regression, Multivariate linear regression, Polynomial Regression, Applications.
➢ Classification
Logistic regression, SVM, Multi-class SVM, Decision trees, K-NN, Applications.
➢ Ensemble Approaches
Bagging, Random Forests, Boosting: Adaboost, Gradient boosting, Applications.
➢ Optimization
Gradient descent, Stochastic gradient descent, Batch gradient descent.
➢ Clustering
Different clustering approaches and applications.
➢ Feature Engineering
Feature Scaling, Feature Selection: Filter methods, Wrapper methods, Embedded methods.
➢ Dimensionality Reduction
Principal component analysis, Linear discriminative analysis, Multiple discriminant analysis, Independent component analysis.
➢ Neural Networks
Introduction to neural networks, Back propagation algorithm and theory behind, Introduction to deep learning, Convolutional neural networks.
➢ Reinforcement Learning
Markov Decision Process, Planning, Estimation, Control and Applications.
➢ Recommendation Systems
Introduction, Types of recommender systems, Content-based, Collaborative filtering: Matrix factorization based approaches, Knowledgebased, and Hybrid techniques, Times series forecasting, other real time examples.
➢ Hands-on to the majority of the topics using Python

Note: This Certification Course is not for the award of any Degree. This Certification Course doesn’t guarantee any employment

Who can Apply?

Faculty members, Industrial practitioner, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Research Scholar, PG students, UG students who have an aptitude to work in the areas of Machine Learning for Data Science using Python broadly.

Course Registration Fee

Participants from NIT Warangal Rs. 6000/-
Participants outside NIT Warangal Rs. 10000/-

How to Apply

◆ Candidate should submit an online application by clicking the Apply Online. Participants need to fill up the online application form by using the link given below with all the required details.

Registration link: https://forms.gle/w1TcNGiX2TDiRjCy7

Procedure for Registration
  • Fill in Applicants Information, Personal Information, Institutional Information, Research Areas of Interest, Email, Contact Number and Corresponding Address.
  • The Star Marked details are mandatory (*).
  • Check Summary Page before submission.

Important Date

  • Course Duration July 1st – July 28th , 2021

For Additional Information

Certification Course on Machine Learning for Data Science using Python Organize by National Institute of Technology Warangal In association with Center for Continuing Education (CCE)

Organizer Information 🇮🇳

National Institute of Technology Warangal, fathimanagar,  Hanamkonda, Telangana 506004


  • Four weeks course Programme Organized by National Institute of Technology Warangal
  • Learn About Advanced Machine Learning for Data Science using Python
  • Four weeks course Programme for Faculties/ research scholars/ PG students and Industry employees

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